UPDATE: Norfolk officials gave us this update Wednesday.
'The Department of Utilities is aware of odor problem at our pump station on Norview Avenue. About a year ago, we installed a scrubber at the pump station that removes the odor from the pump station before it is vented to the air. This unit was successful in reducing the odor but uses media that has to be periodically replaced to maintain full function of the scrubber. We had already ordered the part when the letter was sent to the Mayor. The media will be replaced today and we have contacted the resident with an update.'

NORFOLK - People living in one Norfolk neighborhood say the foul stench of raw sewage fills their neighborhood.

'The smell coming from that station is horrendous,' said Lucian Montagna. 'It will literally take your breath away.'

Lucian and Sandy Montagna have lived at their house on Janet Drive in Norvella Heights for over 30 years. They say a pump station behind their house on Norview Avenue has made their backyard smell like a giant toilet.

'You just don't ever know what day you're going to walk out and the smell is going to hit you,' said Sandy Montagna.

Residents are not alone.

Nearby businesses, including Tire City on the corner of Norview Ave and N. Military Highway, say they've smelled the stench since the city expanded the structure a few months ago.

'It's like working next to a field full of dirty diapers that's been baking in the sun for two or three weeks,' described Brian Hall, a Tire City employee.

Hall says the smell is bad for business.

'We've lost customers over it and they don't want to come back because of the smell,' he stated.

The Montagnas say they have made several calls and just wrote to Mayor Paul Fraim about the problem, but they have not gotten resolution.

The Montagnas have even considered moving away from their home if nothing changes.

'We thought of building a pool, building a new back on the house. I don't want to do that. If I can't enjoy it I don't want to put money into it,' said Sandy Montagna.

A spokeswoman told 13News Now the city was unaware of the problem but is now investigating.

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