NORFOLK -- Dozens of people broke a sweat Saturday, helping service members' relatives whose hearts were broken 2 years ago.

The Taliban shot down a helicopter in Afghanistan August 6, 2011. On board were 31 American military members. Many of them were part of SEAL Team 6.

'These guys, if they were here, they would be right next to us, getting after it themselves,' said John Weiss with CrossFit 757.

The communal sweat was a crossfit fundraising event to benefit the 31 Heroes Project which provides assistance to the families of the people killed during the attack.

'Being a military person, myself, it hits hard. It hits home a little,' Judy Garza told 13News Now.

'You know, I think it's important to support the 31 Heroes and the people that have died honoring the country, and you know the gyms are always supportive, and I just love the community and how everybody comes together,' David Taylor said.

Jacob Spehar is one of the family members whom the project has helped.

'I'm actually going to a master's program right now for addiction counseling,' explained Spehar,'and through 31 Heroes, I was able to get a full ride to go to school, and just the support, I mean, it's just unimaginable.'

'You know, this is what this event's all about, we honor the fallen by challenging the living,' said James Borobyn. 'It's really taking that spirit of selfless service and bringing it out into the community.'

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