VIRGINIA BEACH - Dr. Deepak Talreja is interested in learning which of four diets is best for your heart health.

He's partnering with Liposcience Lab of Richmond to test markers that have never been tested. He's looking at how insulin levels affect cholesterol and how hormones induced by meat intake impact your heart's ability to manage inflammation.

He needs 400 people between ages 35 and 85 to diet for two months and be monitored every week through dietary logs.

The diets analyzed will be the Meditteranean Diet, the Paleolithic Diet, the Vegetarian Diet and the DASH Diet.

Dr. Talreja says, 'We've argued about this for decades and still there's no clarity on which diet is the best.'

They will enroll participants through this email address: from now until September 2.

Your first blood work will be drawn on September 7th.

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