SUFFOLK -- Someone tried to break into several cars or got into unlocked cars in communities in Burbage Grant Sunday night into Monday morning.

Those crimes come just a couple weeks after police received a dozen reports of similar cases within a the period of a day.

'I do know they have cameras around here, so I would think that the Burbage Grand should at least view those surveillance cameras and possibly, you know, may we could put an end to it,' said one person who had a brick thrown at the window of his new SUV during an attempted break-in on Graystone Trace.

The SUV's owner, who was visiting his mother, heard the noise at about 3:00 a.m. Monday, but didn't realize it was coming from outside the house. He found bricks on the ground next to his SUV.He told 13News Now after somebody threw at least one of them at his SUV, it hit his mother's car, causing some damage.

'I believe we're all on alert at this time, you know, so hopefully this message gets to them that the neighborhood is watching out for them, so be prepared,' he said.

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