What is it? a multi-functional pillow

What does it claim? to transform from a tablet pillow to a travel pillow in just a few easy steps

Who tested it? 14-year-old Hannah Auerbach of Norfolk

What Are The Instructions? You can start using your GoGo Pillow right out of the box. It's set up to be used as a tablet pillow. It will fit most tablets, including iPad, Mini iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Kindle Fire.

Slip your tablet under the corner holder on one side of the pillow. There's also a hole for your power and headphone wires to slip through. It helps hold them in place while you're using the GoGo Pillow. If you are using your GoGo Pillow in the back seat of the car then you can use the straps on the back of the pillow to attach it to the headrest in front of you. Now you can use your tablet hands-free.

When you want to turn GoGo Pillow into a travel pillow, unzip the end of the pillow. Pull out the pillow case inside, flip it over and shake the filling down into it. Once all the filling is in the travel pillow shape, stuff the other empty pillow case you're holding onto back into the zipper pouch. Then just zip it up and your travel pillow is ready to go.

Did it work? Hannah was very impressed. She was use to having to hold her iPad mini while she used it. With the GoGo Pillow, she could watch movies without her arms getting tired. Better yet when traveling in a car she could attach it to the headrest in front of her. That way on roadtrips she could enjoy movies or whatever 'hands-free.' Hannah also really liked that the GoGo Pillow is multi-functional. She was impressed how quickly the pillow could change from a tablet pillow to a travel pillow. She also like that it was 'super soft.'

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the GoGo Pillow at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99.

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