NORFOLK -- Police found 24-year-old Shadosha Johnson dead inside her home in Tidewater Gardens late Saturday morning.

Officers got to the home on Holt Street at about 11:45 a.m.

Police told 13News Now Johnson's 4-year-old daughter also was inside the home. She was not hurt.

'Makes me feel real sad for the baby, for all, for us,' said Johnson's Godmother, Thomasine Sears. 'I just can't imagine it. Just don't seem real, but I know it's real, 'cause all this wouldn't be out here, and I just got to bear with it some kind of way.'

Sears and Johnson's aunt, Sonja Johnson, said besides the 4-year-old daughter, Johnson had a 9-year-old son who was with his father's family at the time of Johnson's death.

'Hopefully all of us can pull together and make sure they grow up right, and try to keep them safe,' said Sonja Johnson.

Police did not release details about Johnson's death, but detectives are investigating it as a homicide.

Although Johnson's aunt and Godmother said they have an idea of the person responsible for her death, officers gave not details about potential suspects or a possible motive.

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