NORFOLK-The civic league in Freemason is putting out an alert about break-ins/vandalisms last weekend.

Four vehicles in a lot at 500 Botetourt Street were hit Friday night into Saturday, including Douglas Brainard's SUV

'They ransacked to center console, but didn't take anything of major value, luckily,' he said

The thief smashed the passenger-side window and took the change he had but left the GPS.

'It seems kind of low,' Brainard added. 'Apparently, a good Samaritan kind of passed by and scared 'em off.'

Around 2:30 a.m. Monday, someone tried to break into one of the cars again, but the car alarm went off. The owner and a neighbor tracked a man through the neighborhood towards the intersection of Dunmore and Freemason streets. The email said police caught that person a short time later.

Norfolk police say that a person of interest was located, identified, and fingerprinted, but as of Tuesday morning, no arrests had been made.

The investigation is ongoing.

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