NEWPORT NEWS -- The government shutdown could mean extreme financial hardship for those who depend on the Women, Infant and Children's Program better known as WIC. But here in Virginia, the state is promising not to let that happen.

The program provides supplemental food, health care and nutrition education for pregnant women, mothers and their children.

With so much uncertainty with the federal government, the Virginia Department of Health plans to do everything in its power to make sure the WIC program remains fully functional.

In Newport News, WIC recipients were able to pick up vouchers for the next several months Tuesday.

'It helps me a lot especially since I have a two year old. She gets what she needs nutritionally because of the program,' said Desiree Haymond of Newport News.

Tiara Pickett remembered how much it used to cost her to buy milk for her oldest child. 'For my youngest daughter she has vouchers for can milk. Can milk is $20 a can so its very expensive,' Pickett said.

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