WASHINGTON DC -- Local lawmakers say they are working on Capitol Hill to end the government shutdown, but there's disagreement among the congressional delegation from Hampton Roads.

Democrat Bobby Scott says the votes are in the House to re-open the government if the speaker chooses to bring the issue to the floor, but republicans told 13News Now they want the president and democrats in the Senate to come to negotiate a different deal.

Scott blames Republicans for the government shutdown.

'The negotiations are over. There's nothing more to negotiate,' Scott said Friday.

Republican Rob Whittman is one of nearly two dozen Republican House members who support passing a clean resolution to fund the government and says now is not the time to play the blame game.

'I am focused on making sure we continue government operations. I am not in favor of a shutdown,' Whittman said.

As crowds of angry protesters gathered on the steps of the Capitol Friday, it doesn't look like Whittman and his colleagues will get a chance to vote on a clean funding bill any time soon.

Republican Speaker John Boehner has blocked the Senate's clean funding bill from coming to the house floor.

Representative Randy Forbes opposes the bill.

'If you pass that, and that's all we do, then all of our defense civilians are gonna have huge furloughs next year,' Forbes said.

Forbes says President Obama is stopping civilian DOD workers from going back to work.

Forbes and others say a bill passed earlier this week allowing members of the military to continue to work and get paid includes civilian DOD employees.

He is also calling on President Obama and Senate Democrats to negotiate with House

'Leadership from both sides need to sit down and work on this. That is the way this will get resolved,' Forbes said.

Scott says negotiating simply isn't going to happen.

'If the president gives into any extraneous demands that will become part of the normal process,' Scott said.

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