Update 10/16: On October 8,2013 Jim McDonnell was quoted in the Virginian Pilot, saying ''I think there is a difference in someone being a month behind and being a few years behind.'

13News Now did a fact check on his claim. City records show, McDonnell had property taxes due on June 5, 2007. However, he paid the bill nearly two years later on March 26, 2009.

NORFOLK -- You might think people running to be the chief tax collector in the Norfolk would pay their own taxes on time, but a 13News Now investigation found out that's not always the case.

Sherry Battle, a candidate for commissioner of revenue, was late on payments eight times in the past three years. City records show her real estate taxes were due in March 2011, but she paid about four months later. Battle did not return our requests for an interview.

Evans Poston is also running for commissioner of revenue. According to records, he was behind twice on his personal property taxes.

'I was late about 19 days, but I paid up. I have no excuse,' Posten said.

City records show Jim McDonnell, who is running for city treasurer, was late twice on his car taxes.

One of McDonnell's bills was due on December 5, 2012, but he paid about six months later. When we asked him why, he said no comment.

McDonnell's opponent, Anthony Burfoot, has paid all of his taxes on time, according to city data.

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