PORTSMOUTH -- The bell of United States Coast Guard Cutter Forward served as baptismal font Sunday morning.

Ensign Mark Currier and his wife, Lisa, had their adopted son Benjamin Robert Currier christened on ship's deck, surrounded by friends and family including relatives from Michigan.

'In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit..,' said Chaplain Tim Moore during the service which is a Coast Guard tradition.

'Yeah, and then we inscribe the name of the child in the bell so it will be there as long as the ship is commissioned and beyond,' said Captain Greg Wisener, who commands the Cutter Forward.

As little Benjamin cried, Currier said, 'You didn't like that did you, buddy? Oh, I am sorry.'

It was a proud moment for mom and dad.

'It's certainly a long time coming with Benjamin, and we're just honored to be on board the cutter today, and not only honoring the Coast Guard and our country, but our family and Benjamin,' Currier told 13NewsNow.

'Very thankful that we had this opportunity. We just feel very loved,' added Lisa Currier.

'We're honored that Captain Wisener let us do this, so it's great in keeping with Naval tradition,' Currier said.

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