What is it? It's a motorized cat toy.

What does it claim? It claims to be the toy your cat can resist! It also claims to be a fun exercise for cats of all ages and helps to stop clawing and scratching.

Who tested it? Norfolk SPCA Feline Services Manager Criss Bruneman tested this product for us.

What Are The Instructions? It only takes six steps to set up your Cat's Meow. The first step is to remove the battery cover from the base using a small Phillips head screwdriver. Insert three 'C' batteries (they are not included) into the battery case and then re-attach the battery cover. Next step is to insert the 'wand' into the base. Then place the cover over the base and place the cap onto the base. Once you turn the cap clockwise you'll be able to lock it. Then just press the on/off switch and it will attract

Did it work ? Our tester was not so impressed. It seemed like a good product on TV so she actually ordered two of them for the cat at the Norfolk SPCA. Unfortunately they didn't last long. She says while it did work at first, the batteries wore out fast and the cats chewed off the feather making it dangerous for them to continue to play with it.

Cost/Availability ? You can purchase the Cats Meow at Walmart for around $20.

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