RICHMOND-Five days into what could be the Philippines deadliest disaster ever, workers still struggle to get aid to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

The scale of the disaster and challenges of delivering assistance means few in the region, strewn with debris and corpses, have received any help, despite tons of aid waiting to be distributed.

The official death toll from the disaster rose to 1,774 on Tuesday, though authorities have said they expect that to rise markedly. They fear estimates of 10,000 dead are accurate and might be low. More than 9 million people have been affected across a large swath of the country, many of them made homeless.

Governor Bob McDonnell is urging Virginians to donate to the Philippine Red Cross,the American Red Cross, or UNICEF.

'Virginia is home to a large Filipino-American population that has done so much to contribute to the prosperity and greatness of our Commonwealth. Now, the people of the Philippines need our help as they recover from deadly and tragic Typhoon Haiyan,' he said.

The Philippine Cultural Center in Virginia Beach is taking donated goods for typhoon victims.

While goods are welcomed, the volunteers on the ground say money is needed most.

Roy and Naomi Estaris have turned their kitchen into a fundraising headquarters for the 'Save the Islands' event at Granby Theater in Norfolk on November 15 from 6-9pm.

So far, they've raised $5,000 from various donors with a goal of $25,000 for the Philippine Red Cross.

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If you can't make the event on Friday, there is another event on November 22 at the Philippine Cultural Center.

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