11/26 UPDATE: A detective testified Tuesday that Lorita Aiken admitted that she'd tried to kill herself and her children a week before she and the four- and five-year olds were taken to the hospital.

Police testified that Aiken told them she crushed prescription medication (amphetamines, Benzoid and alcohol); they found 24 pill bottles scattered around the house and white powder on food including ice cream, cereal, strawberries, apple sauce

Aiken said she'd suffered from depression for the last two years and saw a general practice doctor, who prescription medication and Ambien because she couldn't sleep. She also said she saw a psychiatrist two months ago.

Judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation and refused bond because she had no where to go. The children with staying with their father now that they are out of the hospital.

There will be a determination of counsel hearing on December 10 and a preliminary hearing date will be set on that date, Commonwealth's Attorney spokeswoman Macie Pridgen told

11/25 UPDATE: Ms. Aiken has a video arraignment at 11:00 a.m. in Va. Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Commonwealth's Attorney spokeswoman Macie Pridgen told

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Police officers arrested 26-year-old Lorita Aiken Saturday, charging her with Attempted Murder and Altering Food, Drink, or Drugs.

Officers said the father of the children found them and Aiken unresponsive in their home in the 5100 block of Richard Road Friday.

'I woke up to go to work Friday morning and saw the police and tape and stuff and was kind of concerned for my neighbors because they are my neighbors, said Charles Jones, 'so at the time I didn't know what was going on.'

Detectives believe Aiken poisoned the children and herself.

'If what you saying is true that's kind of strange, because she's real nice. I always see her with her kids, taking them to school and stuff, daycare,' Jones said.

'Wow that's crazy. We're about to move in there in a week and something like this happens,' Kaitlyn Waldman told 13News Now. 'There had to have been some kind of signs that someone could've known that she was either depressed or I dunno, I could never imagine something like that.'

Aiken is being held in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center with no bond set.

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