YORKTOWN -- An alert neighbor watched as someone took a package off the porch of a York County home and called police to report it.

It happened around noon Monday in the 400 block of Arabian Circle.

Authorities say 44-year-old Lance Patrick Luckey, Jr., who works for a pest control company, took the FedEx shortly after it was dropped off.

They say Luckey was walking from home to home and, when he took the package, he went to his work truck and drove away.

Authorities credit the neighbor, who give them the license plate number and a description of the man.

Luckey did not have the package with him, according to Lt. Dennis Ivey.

'We found him in the truck, but he must have discarded the package,' Ivey told

The package reportedly contained books valued at more than $700.00.

Investigators don't believe he's responsible for several cases of mail theft in the county.

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