Stores will be full of shoppers today cashing in on after-Christmas sales. The National Retail Federation predicts that overall sales, both online and in stores, will reach more than$602 million. That's a riseof almost 4 percent this holiday season.

Online shopping is more popular than ever. According to the research firm comScore, online shopping rose by more than nine percent from last year.

That rise in popularity could be part of the reason why some holiday packages were delayed. Both UPSand FedEx have admitted that some deliveriesdid not make it in time for Christmas, although the companies won't say how many.The blame is being placed on overloaded systems and bad weather.FedEx handled about275 million packages between Thanksgivingand Christmas.

If you use Dish Network or DirecTV, get ready to pay more. Both companies are in the process of notifying subscribers of price increases. We're told most plans are going up by $2 to $5 a month starting early next year.

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