NORFOLK- The city of Norfolk is taking a pro-active approach to getting burned out street lights fixed. This comes after several complaints across the city. Norfolk crews doing spot checks found 1,074 lights out in just four days this month.

'That's too many,' said Norfolk resident Mark White. 'Somebody isn't doing their job.'

Ghent and downtown only accounted for around 40 of the broken lights. Most of them were spotted in residential areas miles away.The city's next step is to repair the lights.

'We want to make sure everyone is safe. A well lit city is a safe city,' said city spokesperson Jeneen White.

That will all depend on the light pole. Under the city's contract with Dominion Power, some take just days to fix while others can take more than a month.

To learn how you can report a broken street light, click the link to the city's website below.

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