New rules for mortgage lending go into effect today. Federal regulators say these new rules will guard against the risky practices that led to the greatest collapse in the housing market since the Great Depression. There won't be much impact for most home loan borrowers whoare trying to get a mortgage. You mayhave to show more proof that you can afford your monthly mortgage payments.

Some of the nation's largest retailers are getting what you might call a report card. It seems a recent survey shows holiday shoppers say they weremost satisfied with Amazon and LL Bean. They put Abercrombie and Fitch andWalmart near the bottom of the list.

Today's the last day of the Consumer ElectronicsShow in LasVegas. One of the unique products coming out of it is 'Elektra Nails.' The artificial fingernails are made of a patented, fiber material which allows wearers to use them like a touchscreen stylus. In case you're interested, 'Elektra Nails' goes on sale in March.

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