HAMPTON A Kecoughtan High School student considers herself lucky to be resting warm and dry inside her home after getting trapped in a frozen pond trying to rescue her two dogs.

Around noon Thursday, Cameryn Wilson, 15, took a break from watching TV and noticed one of her Boston Terriers was drowning in the backyard pond along Southall Landings.

'At first I was going to run straight in there and get him, but my mom wouldn't let me,' said Wilson.

Wilson grabbed a snow packed kayak, and wearing just a sweat shirt and sweat pants, she dove into the frigid water and paddled over to her dog.

At this point another one of her dogs slipped in.

She managed pull both dogs out of the water but ice surrounded the kayak, trapping them in the middle of the pond.

'I was laying there trying to calm myself down, but I was freaking out and really scared and freezing,' said Wilson.

Meanwhile her family called 9-1-1 and tried reassuring her help was on the way.

'It was just helplessness, and it just lets you know that there are certain situations where you don't have any control over,' said Denise Hinnant.

Wilson says she was in the water for 20 minutes before Hampton Fire and Rescue arrived.

A fire fighter wearing a wet suit had to swim out and pull them to shore.

Wilson was joined at the hospital by her varsity basketball teammates.

After a little time under a blow dryer, both dogs were fine.

'I love those dogs, they mean a lot to me,' explained Wilson. To see him, like when he was drowning, I felt like I couldn't do anything and I didn't want to let him go.'

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