VIRGINIA BEACH- It's been five years, but Stephanie Saunders still has to jump through hoops to file her taxes.

She'd gotten married, so she tried to file under her new name four months later. She got stunning and upsetting news.

'The IRS says 'we already paid you.' I said really? They said, 'Well, we paid you $3,500,'' says Saunders.

Someone had fraudulently filed taxes under her name.

Cyber security expert Heather Engel of Sera-Brynn, LLC says in 2010, the IRS gave out $5.2 billion in fraudulent refunds.

'Just a very few pieces of information can be used to file a fraudulent tax return,' says Engel.

Tonight on 13News Now at 6 p.m., find out how Saunders worked to clear her name and what she has to do every year in order to file.

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