WILLIAMSBURG -- The snow blanketed the Peninsula and Williamsburg like it was never going to relent.

Early Wednesday evening the snow made driving in many places treacherous. However, eventually the snow subsided and it began to rain mixed with freezing rain.

Williamsburg resident Anthony Basilico was hoping the snow would stick around a bit longer so he wouldn't have to go to work Thursday.

'I got an email from my job to be there around noon at the gym at American Family Fitness, I was like 'what?' I was hoping the roads would be iced over, but it's not looking like that,' Basilico said.

A popular spot for many people when the bad weather hits is the neighborhood 7-Eleven. Store clerk Traci Maxwell said, 'Most of them [shoppers] are coming to get milk, and eggs and stocking up on their beer and cigarettes because they're afraid they're going to be stuck inside the house without and playing the lottery numbers.'

The wintry mix is expected to continue in the area through Thursday.
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