VIRGINIA BEACH -- Virginia Beach City Public School officials say you could see some late school buses for Saturday's makeup day.

'We don't have a crystal ball, but yes there's the possibility of bus delays,' Transportation Director David Pace said.

In a typical week, about 70 bus drivers call out of work. School officials say they expect that number to be higher on a Saturday.

'We know the routine is going to be interrupted not only for parents, but teachers and also bus drivers. They certainly are not immune to those kinds of commitments,' Pace noted.

School bus driver David Gilman said he's heard of some drivers not planning to come to work, but that isn't changing his mind.

'My philosophy is work is work. You have to get it done, and students need to get to school,' Gilman said.

Some schools are warning parents about the possibility of delays. Thoroughgood Elementary sent this message to parents:

Please be aware, the division expects a shortage of bus drivers this day. Bus drivers may need to do double runs to pick up all of our students. We appreciate your patience in advance if your child is picked up late. '

Pace explained if your kids bus is late, you can chose to drive instead. However, he has faith that most bus drivers will be there on time. 'Our school bus drivers are professional. In every challenge we've had they've always stepped up to the plate.

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