Winter weather is wreaking havoc on a lot of things, including our economy. Analysts say all this severe weather has cost the U.S. economy fifty-billion dollars. The retail sector seems to be the hardest hit and that downward spiral is expected to continue until the end of this month. There is one bright spot though, gardening sales. But that could be because more Americans are buying shovels to dig out of the snow.

The bad weather is also being blamed for an increase in gas prices. The extremely cold winter, combined with more expensive crude, has pushed the average price of gasoline to more than $3 a gallon in all fifty states. You can also expect a spike in the coming weeks as refineries dial back production to switch to summer fuels.

You might want to check your freezer for this one. Grocers are pulling the 'Philly steak and cheese' variety of 'Hot Pockets' from store shelves. No illnesses have been reported. It's just the result of a precautionary meat recall because the meat was not adequately inspected.

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