VIRGINIA BEACH -- The City of Virginia beach has one Lucas machine as a pilot project.

The devices cost about $15,000. Crews have been using the machine since July 2013. They've used on 20 percent of cardiac arrest cases because they only have one machine. They're working on grants to get funding to buy some more.

The Lucas adjusts to each patient. Crews can provide the patients other care while the machine is doing CPR.

The guidelines of CPR has changed, it's important to have continuous compressions, which this device does. It prevents workers from getting tired doing CPR. It does good CPR, more consistent than a human.

We used to have 5 people in an ambulance working cardiac arrest, so with the machine they have three people. Plus it's safer to have a machine doing CPR so crews don't have to standup in the back of the ambulance while driving.

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