UPDATE 4/9: William Arney Sr. was found not guilty Wednesday in Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court on one count of assault and battery and the case was dismissed.

He was previously charged with aggravated sexual battery but the charge was reduced.

NORFOLK -- A Bay View Elementary School parent has been charged with aggravated sexual battery of a student.

The charge stems comes after police investigated a student's claim that William R. Arney Sr, inappropriately touched her on the bottom while he was dropping off his own child at Bay View Elementary School last week, school officials said.

The school notified parents that a security breach had occurred and provided them with an update via reverse phone call after receiving the information from Norfolk police.

Arney, 56, was arraigned February 13 and has a preliminary hearing set for April 9, Commonwealth's Attorney spokeswoman Amanda Howie told

Good Evening Bay View Elementary Families,

This is your principal, Deb Mansfield. Norfolk Police informed us today that they charged a Bay View Elementary School parent with sexual assault following a report by a student at the school that the parent had inappropriately touched them on the bottom while he was there dropping off his child.

While the Police investigation was ongoing, we notified you of a security breach that had occurred, and reminded you of appropriate security procedures regarding parent access to our school. We appreciate your support for these procedures, which include:
- Entering and exiting the building only through the front doors
- Dropping students off at arrival at the front of the building, and picking them up at the office - safety patrols will escort any student needing assistance to breakfast or to their classes
- Reporting to the office to be checked in and receive a visitor badge before visiting other parts of our building
- Presenting a picture ID

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to please visit me in the school office or call me at 531-3030.

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