PORTSMOUTH -- Police charged the driver of a minivan, 36-year-old Hector M. Enriquez, with Driving Under the Influence and Felony Hit and Run, after he supposedly hit a 13-year-old boy Saturday night.

The teenager and a couple of friends were walking along Greenwood Drive off George Washington Highway when it happened.

'I saw a light in the grass which made me turn around because I was right behind him, and I was like, 'Oh!' and I had jumped out of the way,' recalled Isaiah Benton of the walk that the friends were taking.

The light was from a minivan, a minivan that was coming towards them from behind.

'T.J. looked around, and looked back, and he had got hit and flew up in the air, and he had landed on his back and side on the street,' Benton told 13News Now.

'He just kept going,' added JoJo Carney. 'He was going so fast.'

Other witnesses said the driver came to a stop only after the minivan hit a car about half a block away.

Benton explained, 'He tried to get out but the people right here didn't let him get out.'

Paramedics took the 13-year-old who was hit to the hospital. Late Saturday, police said he was in stable condition.

'His leg was pretty messed up. It looked like his face and arms skid on the ground, so it was like, just like blood everywhere, really,' Benton told 13NewsNow.

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