VIRGINIA BEACH- Gas prices have seen the biggest jump sinceJuly, according to a new report issued by AAA. The average prices of a gallon of regular unleaded jumped by nine cents in Virginia inFebruary and 17 cents nationally. The average price is $3.25/gallon in Virginia and $3.45/nationally.

Despite the sharp increase, a gallon of gas does remain less expensive then at the same time last year. In February 2013, gas cost $3.64/gallon in Virginia and $3.79/gallon nationally.

'Strong winter storms and weak demand have helped to keep gas prices lower this winter, but many drivers recently have noticed that it is starting to cost more to full up,' said Georjeane Blumling, spokesperson for AAA Tidewater Virginia. 'We are entering the more expensive time of the year for visiting the gas station, as prices rise primarily due to seasonal refinery maintenance.'

Gas prices in Hampton Roads mirror the state average of $3.25/gallon.

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