CHESAPEAKE -- Several train cars derailed in Chesapeake Friday morning.

It happened as the coal train reached the crossing on Shell Rd. and S. Military Hwy around 5 a.m. after leaving Dominion Power property.

Norfolk Southern spokesperson Robin Chapman told that four empty coal cars derailed, where Dominion's track joins Norfolk Southern's at Shell Road.

'One of the two main line tracks is fouled by the derailed cars, but the other track is open, with no delays to trains,' Chapman said.

Dominion spokeswoman Bonita Billingsley Harris told that Dominion employees were moving empty rail cars after unloading coal and pushed the cars beyond a rail switch. That caused the derailment.

No one was injured.

The derailment caused some traffic problems until Norfolk Southern personnel arrived and manually raised the gates, said Officer Kelly O'Sullivan.

A crane was brought in to lift the coal cars back into place.

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