HAMPTON -- Brass vases are missing from a Hampton cemetery and authorities in two other cities are investigating similar thefts at three graveyards.

On his weekly trip to Parklawn Memorial Cemetery, Danny Corliss noticed the brass vase that was mounted above his stepfather's grave was missing.

'It's kind of a hurtful thing,' said Corliss.

He looked around and realized dozens of other sites were also missing vases.

'I talked to the management people up at the funeral office and I guess it's just now being brought to their attention that there are pieces coming up here missing,' Corliss stated.

Corliss fears someone is ripping them out to sell the metal at a scrap yard.

Hampton isn't the only city seeing this problem. Police in Chesapeake are investigating the disappearance of hundreds of vases from two cemeteries.

'Since December 2013, we've had eight reports of thefts at Roosevelt Memorial Gardens and one report at Greenlawn Memorial Gardens. Combined, nearly 700 brass vases stolen,' said Officer Kelly O'Sullivan.

In Norfolk, dozens of gravesites atWoodlawn Cemetery were hit.

Corliss hopes those responsible will take a moment to consider the emotional damage to families, not the price of brass.

'I guess a lot of that is going on these days. But, a cemetery? That's kind of something you leave alone,' added Corliss.

Anyone with information about the thefts can call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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