4/4 UPDATE: The manager of an Oceanfront business and an artist have agreed to repaint an iconic mural recently painted over.

Todd Lindbergh returned to the corner of 21st Street and Pacific Avenue where ten years ago he painted a mural of crying police K9 resting next to its fallen officer.

The mural, seen as a landmark of sorts along the gateway to the Oceanfront, was painted over Wednesday by Beachwear, a souvenir shop during renovation work.

Lindbergh met with the manager of Beachwear and the two decided he would repaint the mural, free of charge, in the next month.

'We talked about it and it was just a big misunderstanding,' explained Lindbergh. 'He [Beachwear manager] has some family in the law enforcement, he's more than willing to let us repaint it, he says we can start right away.'

The owner of Bargain Beachwear had also offered Lindbergh a spot on her storefront to paint a new mural.


VIRGINIA BEACH -- An oceanfront business' attempts to clean up its facade sparks controversy with the removal of a longstanding mural.

For more than a decade, the mural depicting a police canine with its head solemnly resting next to a fallen officer's hat has been seen on the side of a souvenir store at the corner of 21st Street and Pacific Avenue.

That is, until Thursday, when the massive work was replaced with a fresh coat of yellow paint outside Beachwear.

Some have called it a disgrace, others a surprise.

'I was shocked when I found out about it on Facebook,' said Todd Lindbergh, the mural's artist.

Lindbergh says he and his brother Eric of TALENT Muralspainted the mural 10 years ago as a way to honor police officers who've lost their lives in the line of duty.

'My heart and soul was in this one, we did it for free,' explained Lindbergh. 'We like to support the police department here in Virginia Beach, along with the fire [department]. We're a military town, so we try to give back to the community by what's important here we feel to the people so we painted this as a gift to our city.'

As far as the store's management is concerned, it's all just a big misunderstanding.

'We just didn't know,' said the manager of Beachwear, who did not want to be identified.

According to the manager, who says he took over three weeks ago, the building's owner requested the new paint job to improve the building's aging exterior.

The manager says his company fully supports police officers and those serving their country and did not mean any disrespect.

Lindbergh says he'd be willing to paint a new mural for free, an offer store management says it will consider.

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