HAMPTON -- A Department of Veterans Affairs report released Monday found that at least two veterans died and five became sicker due to delayed medical care at the VA hospital in Hampton.

The review goes back 15 years and looks at VAhospitals all over the country.

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Kerry Barrera of Suffolk is 50 percent disabled and said Monday it took three months to get seen at the VA.

Barrera claims he went on the internet to figure out how to self-medicate himself to ease the daily pain he suffers.

'They won't respond to to any messages you might leave, even though they tell you here's my number. Here's the first desk, telling me to leave a message and I'll change something. They never do,' he said.

According the the Veterans Affairs Department, about 49 percent of new patients and 90 percent of established patients are able to see a primary care doctor or specialist within 14 days. That was the guideline set to strive for in 2011.

Daniel Surratt is getting daily treatments at the Hampton facility.

'They're much better than they were a few years ago. But, they can still use some improvements,' said the Army veteran.

Following our report, the Hampton VA Medical Center released this statement.

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