What is it? It's a molding compound that's described as sand in motion

What does it claim? that one touch will blow your mind and it never dries out

Who tested it? Chesapeake resident Acada Morgan and her almost three-year-old daughter Kinley

What Are The Instructions? The product is really easy to use. Open the two bags, just pour out the sand and have fun. You can make shapes, build structures or just run the sand through your fingers.

Kinetic Sand claims to never dry out. To ensure that, make sure you store Kinetic Sand in a sealed container. That will help to keep it clean and dust-free. You also need to avoid getting your Kinetic Sand wet. If you do, just let it air dry and it will return to the same texture as before.

Did it work? Morgan was very skeptical at first . She thought for sure it was going to make a mess all over her kitchen table, but it didn't! She really liked it and, in fact, she says she likes it even better than the Play-Doh they usually play with.

The easy clean up was the big selling point, but Morganalso liked that it was something fun for her and her daughter to do indoors on a rainy day. She says she plans to pick up a few boxes to give as birthday gifts for her daughter's friends.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Kinetic Sand at Michaels for $16.

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