THE VILLAGES, Florida -- A 50-foot deep sinkhole opened in a neighborhood in Central Florida over the weekend, scaring homeowners and forcing them to evacuate.

Work crews moved quickly to fill in the hole located in The Villages, about 45 miles northwest of Orlando.

The view from the air showed two homes on either side of the collapsing sinkhole.

It left a terrifying void under a driveway that remained intact.

Giovanni Velocci lives right across the street.. He was on his morning walk when he noticed the sinkhole.

'As I was coming back from my walk, I don't see the tree... thought someone had stole the tree or something,' he said.

But on Sunday, around-the-clock pumping of a mix of sand and cement was used to fill the hole.

This is not the first sinkhole crews have filled here this week, but it's the largest -- and they hope it's the last.

'This is by far the most extreme where we've been working on a home and something has opened up,' said project manager Rich Kay.

It took about 40 truckloads of the cement mixture to fill in the hole. Crews will flatten it out Monday after it dries.

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