VIRGINIA BEACH -- A woman says a man exposed himself to her while she was in a store in Virginia Beach.

Police say it happened around 10 a.m. at the Window Guru in the London Bridge Shopping Center in Oconee Park. The victim, Ellie White, told 13NewsNow's KarenHopkins'as he turned around he still fidgeted but his jacket became unzipped, and his pants came unzipped. I watched him pull his penis out of his pants, and started masturbating, I guess is the best word for it, While he was looking at me.'

'It happens more often than people might think, but it's not always reported,' Officer Jimmy Cason said.

Authorities said the man was last seen going south on Great Neck Road. Police don't know if he was walking or in a car and they don't have a good description of the man.

Cason encourage anyone who sees anything like this to notify police.

'Of course, crimes like these can open the door to other crimes. The person could be linked to other crimes of a similar nature,' he noted.

White says 'you never know these days what somebody is going to do. I mean this was broad day light and the man was litterally fondling himself in broad daylight so what would have stopped him from coming in the door, doing it to someone else, whether it would be an adult or child,'.

Call Crime Solvers at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP with information about this incident or any other crime in the resort city.

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