NORFOLK -- For 19 years, no one played pro football with more intensity than Norfolk's Bruce Smith.

The league's all-time sack leader and Virginia Tech standout says he's had three concussions in his career- that he knows of. Smith stresses to parents that a good helmet is the key to preventing a concussion or a traumatic brain injury.

'This is the single most important piece of equipment your son will wear,' Smith says.

He's concerned about what he sees on high school football fields across Hampton Roads- too many helmets that don't fit properly, too many helmets that are too old or that are not being maintained.

Smith says everyone needs to pay attention to the helmet rating system Virginia Tech has done.

'Science doesn't lie,' Smith told us.

Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings Database

Smith warns some helmets can be dangerous and parents need to know it.

Coming up tonight on 13News Now at 6, Smith has advice for every parent to help keep their kids safe on the football field.

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