NORFOLK -- When there's a fire at sea you can't dial 911 for help - you have to put it out yourself.

Today, dozens of sailors from 22 Navy warships faced off in 'Surface Line Week,' a friendly competition with a very serious objective.

Although the idea is to secure bragging rights on the Norfolk waterfront, it is also about safety. The skills practiced and put on display at the Farrier Firefighting School could one day save lives.

The Navy is still learning from the USS Forrestal fire in 1967 that killed 134 sailors.

'Every sailor at sea is a firefighter, so we train how we fight,' said the Farrier School's director, Lieutenant Brandon Christian.

The school educates about 1,200 students per month.

'They learn the basic damage control on the ship and they come here and we reiterate the training,' Christian said.

Competitors said they enjoyed the training.

'It gives sailors who aren't necessarily trained in damage control, gives them a chance to experience real fire, real flooding situations, hands-on, it's awesome,' said Damage Controlman Second Class Logan Sellers from the USS San Antonio.

Last year's winner was the USS Anzio. This year's winner will be announced on Friday.

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