ELIZABETH CITY, NC -- Even though the Elizabeth Street Revitalization Project has been going on for nearly three years now, some businesses downtown say this latest round of construction may be the worst.

It's all part of the most recent phase in a four-year project that started in 2011 to improve Elizabeth Street.

Most of the streets you'd typically take to get downtown like Poindexter, McMorrine, and Martin Luther King are closed for roadwork until late August, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

The effects, however, are hitting some downtown businesses hard.

'It was almost like a ghost town down on this street,' Carol Rolling, Sales Associate at Footprints Christian Resources said.

'We have customers calling in orders and they can't find it so they cancel orders,' Doris Johnson, Owner of Island Breeze Grille said.

Some stores have lost up to 50 percent of their business just in the past month.

Their biggest concern with summer coming is that the typical crowd stopping by on their way to the beach won't know where to stop with all the construction going on.

'Even though the locals are familiar with how to get around downtown, if you're coming in and you're looking for us, it's going to be really hard unless those signs are at major intersections,' Rolling said.

The State Department of Transportation says despite what these streets look like now, the project is still scheduled to be finished June 2015.

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