General Motors is facing yet another recall in connection with faulty ignition switches.GM says it will recall more than 3 million vehicles. That's because the ignition switch can slip out of position in some Chevy Impalas, Cadillac Devilles and five other models if there is too much weight on the key chain. The ignition switch might move out of the run position. That would shut off the engine and disable the airbags. That defect is linked to 13 deaths and 54 crashes in previously recalled cars.

Have you noticed...the price of gas is now at its highest level of the year. The national average is now $3.66 a gallon. And hold on to your wallet, experts say those prices could rise another ten cents a gallon because of the crisis in Iraq.

Dominos is the first major fast food chain to launch a phone app that lets you order by voice. When the app goes online, you'll be able to order by talking to an enhanced male voice called 'DOM'. This move is the pizza chain's attempt to appeal to millennials by staying one step ahead of the tech curve. Domino's mobile app is its fastest growing ordering vehicle, accounting for about 18 percent of sales.

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