NEWPORT NEWS -- Newport News police have arrested two suspects and identified a third involved in a mob assault last month.

Police say a group of about 20 males attacked two landscapers working at the WaWa on Warwick Boulevard in the Denbigh area.

The assault reportedly happened when the landscapers stopped a juvenile from shoplifting. Police say the juvenile left the store, but returned with a group of people who attacked the men as they worked and damaged their company truck.

Police say the mob of men hit the victims with lawn tools.

Chris Dickens works at a barbershop across the street. He witnessed the mob converge on the landscapers.

'They were mostly focused on one guy with a weedeater, and that guy with the weedeater, he's the one that caught the brunt of the actual fight,' said Dickens.

22-year-old Jay Kerivan and 18-year-old Thomas Lobianco of Newport News have been charged with assault by mob.

Investigators say Kerivan was the primary aggressor.

Anyone who can help police identify others who were involved in the attack should call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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