NEWPORT NEWS -- A shopping trip becomes upsetting for woman in Newport News after police say a man exposed himself to her.

The alleged incident happened last week at the Warwick Denbigh Shopping Center in the 14300 block of Warwick Boulevard.

Police say the victim was walking in the vicinity of Big Lots when she passed a man who asked her for money.

When the woman turned around, police say the suspect unzipped his pants and exposed himself.

Keisha Jones lives near the shopping center and frequently shops there. 'It's kind of perverted if you ask me. It's kind of creepy especially since there are children in the surrounding neighborhood,' Jones said.

The alleged incident happened late in the afternoon, but some who work in the area are concerned it could happen at anytime.

'I kind of have a concern for women who work at night or even daylight cause you just never know,' said Janet Brown.

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