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HAMPTON -- 'Two months ago, I guess he started planning for his birthday and his graduation,' said Stephanie Woods, referring to her son, Tyquan. 'Unfortunately, we're gonna have to do all of this Saturday without him.'

July 12, 21-year-old Tyquan was shot to death on North Back River Road. Police arrested Calvin Schofield for the killing. Officers still are looking for 25-year-old Larry Scott.

Police said the shooting came as the result of a fight involving Woods, Schofield, and Scott. Another person was shot but survived.

'It's just still crazy. It's still, like, unbelievable that my son is not here,' said Woods' mother. 'He was away from us for almost six years. He got in some trouble at 15, him and some other little guys, you know.'

Stephanie Woods is candid about the robbery and weapons charges that put her son in prison. Since his release, she said he worked to distance himself from that criminal past, working full-time and getting his GED.

'He didn't get in any trouble or anything when he was in there. He was focused. He knew that's not where he was supposed to be, and he knew when he came home that he wanted to do different and better,' explained Stephanie Woods, who said she will pick up her son's GED certificate Saturday.

While she waits to hear that police have made a second arrest for her son's killing, she hopes to set an example for Woods' sisters and brother as well as other children.

'I just want them to know that this is not the life that they have to live. I know they know that, you know, 'cause I teach them different,' Stephanie Woods said. 'Myself, I'm gonna try to do whatever I can to make a difference. I don't know what they might be right now, but I know it's something for me out her that I have to do, so maybe I can save somebody else's kid or something.'

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