VIRGINIA BEACH -- Virginia Beach Public Works announced that there have been five positive mosquito tests over the last three weeks for the West Nile virus. The first positive test came from the Redwing Park area, the second was collected in the Thalia subdivision and the most recent positive tests were collected in the Kings Grant subdivision, the Windsor Woods neighborhood near Mount Trashmore and on Old Dam Neck Road in Ocean Lakes.

Thursday at dusk Jennifer Pierce loaded up her truck to spray local neighborhoods. Pierce is a Mosquito Control Aide for Virginia Beach. Pierce said people shouldn't be overly alarmed about the recent findings. She added many people are asymptomatic to West Nile, 'when people do get west nile virus only about one percent actually have encephalitis type of the virus so a lot of people actually have the virus and have no idea that they have it.'

People who live several yards off the road can post a special sign on their mailbox to let the city know it's okay to drive on their private property to spray. However, not everyone wants their neighborhood sprayed for mosquitoes, 'We do have some people who do not want to be sprayed and we do offer the red tags where the drivers will turn the machine off when they come up to their house and they turn it back on when they pass their house,' Pierce said.

Residents can play a huge role in killing mosquitoes by making sure there is no standing water on their property.

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