Audience member Sandy has children that grind their teeth. Sandy asks Dr. Oz about the causes of teeth grinding, especially in children.

Dr. Oz indicates that genetics, stress, and the body's ability to move around freely when sleeping are all possible factors of teeth grinding.

Audience member Yana asks Dr. Oz why urine stinks. Per Dr. Oz's inquiry, Yana's friend tells Dr. Oz that Yana's urine smells extremely strong.

Dr. Oz asks Yana if she feels pain or burning, to which she replies 'no'. Dr. Oz goes on to say that one should drink enough water so that the urine barely smells and has no color. Dr. Oz tells Yana that she needs to drink more water.

Dr. Oz indicates that in these situations, he worries about infections, water intake, and the types of food one eats. Dr. Oz reinforces that when we eat food with chemicals that our bodies can't process effectively, they secrete these chemicals and smells through the urine. Beyond foods like asparagus, Dr. Oz reiterates that the right foods should leave urine odorless, with the combination of proper water intake of course.

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