NORFOLK A man is behind bars after being shot as he reportedly to rob a restaurant. The driver of the getaway vehicle was his mother.

It all happened Saturday, October 1 at Philadelphia Hoagie Factor in Ocean View.

Police say Michael Fulton threw on a skull mask and tried to rob the owner, Carnet Horton, as he tried to take out the trash.

Employee Moses Howard heard the commotion.

'I was inside and all of a sudden I heard, 'Pow! Pow!' I came running out and my boss said somebody tried to rob us.'

The owner's wife, Kim, says the robber pulled out a flare gun and demanded money. She said her husband put up a fight.

'As soon as he pulled his gun, the man started to run and that's when my husband started shooting at him and he just kept going,' described Kim.

Fulton's mother picked him up minutes later in a blue truck.

Fulton was arrested shortly after the incident and remains in jail. Police say his mother's involvement did not warrant an arrest.

Kim hopes her husband's actions will serve as a warning to other criminals.

'Nobody wants to shoot somebody but you have to protect yourself at all costs,' she said.

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