JAMES CITY COUNTY Police are hoping the public will recognize tattoos on the body of a man who was found burned to death in James City County.

Authorities are trying to identify the man who was found dead on Merrimac Trail Tuesday evening.

The victim had tattoos on his arms, legs, back, chest and stomach. Photos of some of them, as well as a picture of his t-shirt are attached to this story. Warning: they are graphic.

Investigators visited some local tattoo parlors, as did a 13News crew who stopped by Blue Horseshoe in Hampton. Eric Phillips, an artist there, believes none of the symbols were done at a professional tattoo parlor.

'This particular one was most likely done in jail because of the way the picking is in it. They used a needle and they're just picking at it there's no real shading,' described Phillips. 'This one, they got outside the jail because they have shading. Judging by the art work, I'm sure it's done at a house. It's not professional.'

Phillips says tattoos can tell a lot about a person. He feels the star and letters above it were the most revealing about this man.

'That's Elohim. That's Hebrew for God,' Phillips said. 'That's his personal tattoo. This star can be on any person, but with those letters and that star, that's the way to identify him right there.'

Police there's a good chance the victim may not be local. The body was dumped between and on and off ramp along Interstate 64.

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