GLOUCESTER -- A local man says his personalized license plates are being taken away by the DMV for being offensive. He says the new ones DMV sent him are even worse.

His current plates read, 'FOSAMA'. DMV sent him new plates that read, '6668UP'.

'I'm offended by this. I don't like anything with 666 on it,' said Rick Sanders.

He's had the 'FOSAMA' plates for 7 years.

Sanders said he received a letter in the mail on Tuesday from DMV that said the plates would be replaced with the new ones, because they could be seen as 'profane, obscene, or vulgar in nature.'

A spokesperson for DMV couldn't comment on Sanders' specific case but says that drivers can exchange their DMV generated plates for other ones if desired.

'The customer can walk into a DMV customer service center and exchange the plates, s/he can turn in the plates at the information desk at a DMV office (instead of getting a number) and then call 804-497-7100 to have a new set mailed to them, or s/he can mail the set back to DMV and a new set will be mailed to the customer,' said Melanie Stokes, from the Virginia DMV.

Sanders says he will probably exchange the plates for new ones but is also thinking about contesting DMV's decision to pull his plates.

He said the plates were a symbol of his patriotism after 9/11.

'In this case, I wanted to take it how they wanted to take it. I didn't want to offend anybody by it. I wanted people to realize that I don't want you forget what those folks did to us,' said Sanders.

He added that he has never heard any complaints about them in all the years he's had them on his truck.

'People come up up behind me, they're laughing, they're giving me the thumbs up. They're laughing at me. I've never had anybody look at me and tell me I can't believe you have that on your license plate.'

To read more on the DMV's guidelines for personalized plates, click here.
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