What is it? a liquid that will help to brighten and refresh grouted surfaces

What does it claim? to clean, renew and redesign grout on contact and give you sparkling grout every time!

Who tested it? FM99 morning guy Rick Rumble

What Are The Instructions? The first thing you need to do is shake your bottle of Grout Bully. Then make sure you put gloves on before lining up your Grout Bully with the grout line. While pressing Grout Bully sponge applicator on the grout line, gently squeeze the bottle for an even flow.

For best results, be sure the applicator is fully saturated.

Move along the grout line squeezing gently as needed. Wait two minutes and wipe off excess from surface with the Bully Eraser, using the orange Chamois side. Some tile grout surfaces may require additional drying time before removing excess.

Allow the surface to dry for two hours before using. You can also apply a second coat as desired and/or needed. The Surface should dry completely in 6-12 hours. Drying times may vary do to temperature and humidity.

Did it work? Rumble thought it did a good job. He used Grout Bully to refresh an end table he had tiled 20 years ago. The grout had gotten a little dirty over the years and he was trying to save it from being sent to the thrift store.

He had a few problems following the directions. He forgot the gloves and he used too much water to clean up the excess Grout Bully that got on some of the tiles. But second time. he had better luck and overall he thought Grout Bully did help to clean up the grout on his treasured end table.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Grout Bully at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $9.99. That will get you a 4-ounce bottle of Grout Bully and two Bully erasers.

Additional Comments: Grout Bully will not repair and/or replace missing grout. You need to repair any missing or damaged grout before applying Grout Bully.

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