HAMPTON ROADS -- A bill that would ban a long list of drugs is on its way to President Obama.

The bill would ban many drugs including so-called bath salts and spice.

The House and Senate have already signed off on the bill that local prosecutors say sends a message to manufacturers of the drugs.

Common components in the drug mimic the effects of cocaine or methamphetamine and have been associated with bizarre crimes in recent months including a case in Florida where a man on the drug attacked and chewed the face of a homeless man.

Virginia legislators and officials believe this law would help.

'The feds are now in this ball game, and that should have a major effect on the manufacturers and dealers,' said Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Bryant. 'When the police seize these compounds and send them to our state lab, the state lab will say it's not currently covered in the statute as being illegal. We seize the substance, but we can't prosecute anybody,' Bryant explained.

Several states have also moved to ban the drugs, often sold on the Internet and in head shops and other retail outlets.

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