COURTLAND -- A Courtland man is living without a pancreas. In fact, he and his wife have written a book about his experience.

Clyde Vaughan lost his pancreas after a surgery that went wrong in 2004. He ended up getting gangrene.

Vaughan's wife Shirley is essentially his at-home nurse. She checks his glucose level every couple hours, 24 hours a day. Vaughan says he is still here because of her.

'She makes sure I have a balanced diet and she writes everything in a book,' described Vaughan.

Dr. John Lawson, a gastroenterologist at Bon Secours, says this type of patient is rare.

'This requires a lot of attention, a lot of work, and a lot of attention to detail. So this patient is probably quite remarkable,' said Dr. Lawson.

Vaughan says, 'I do what I want to do. I even climb ladders and cut tree limbs off.'

Vaughan wrote a book called 'You Can Live Without a Pancreas.' He hopes to encourage others not to feel desperate if they are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

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