VIRGINIA BEACH --A new treatment uses a laser beam to zap away cellulite.

It's called cellulaze and Krissy Foster couldn't be more pleased since she started treatment 10 weeks ago at Dr. Ben Hugo's officein Va. Beach.

'I want to be able to wear shorts again and get rid of my cottage cheese legs,' she says.

Dr. Hugo explains the laser breaks through fibers that attached to Krissy's skin to her muscle and melted the fat. The fibers reform and strengthen and the 'dents' are gone.

'People start seeing results in three to four weeks,' he says.

The promise is three years with no return of dimples.

The procedure is also done at Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hampton.

The procedure costs about $2500 with a three-day recovery period. And it's only done with topical anesthesia.

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